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Licensing and Management System


Application Search

Search through LMS for applications, check filing status and review application data, and attachments.

Facility Search

Facility Search searches the LMS database for information about a particular facility associated with an application.

Application PN Search

Application PN Search search for Public Notices that have been published for submitted filings for a given date range.

Action PN Search

Action PN Search search for Public Notices that have been published for actions that have been take on applications.

Pleading Search

Search for pleadings associated with an application.

Antenna Search

Antenna Search.

Call Sign Search

Search available call signs.

Children's Television Programming Search

Children's Television Programming Search.

Assignment/Transfer Search

Search for assignment/transfer associated with an application.

Renewal State/Date Search

The Renewal State/Date Search permits users to find license renewal application filing deadline dates and license expiration dates. Renewal deadline dates are based on the location (state, territory, etc.) of the station's community of license, not the station's transmitter site location.

Radius Search

Group Advance Search.

Ownership Reports Search

Ownership Reports Search

Renewal Group Search

Group Advance Search.