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Approved by OMB 3060-0016
December 2014
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(REFERENCE COPY - Not for submission)Modification of a Licensed Facility for LPTV Station Application

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Facility ID:
Minor Modification 0000159471
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General Information

Section Question Response
Attachments Are attachments (other than associated schedules) being filed with this application? No

Fees, Waivers, and Exemptions

Section Question Response
Waivers Does this filing request a waiver of the Commission's rule(s)? No
Total number of rule sections involved in this waiver request:
Are the frequencies or parameters requested in this filing covered by grandfathered privileges, previously approved by waiver, or functionally integrated with an existing station? No

Applicant Information

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Applicant Name, Type, and Contact Information

Applicant Address Phone Email Applicant Type

SagamoreHill of Kansas City Licenses, LLC

525 Blackburn Drive

Augusta, GA 30907

United States

+1 (202) 747-1694 swoodworth@edingerlaw.net Limited Liability Company

Authorization Holder Name

Contact Representatives (2)

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Contact Name Address Phone Email Contact Type

Timothy Z Sawyer

Technical Consultant

T Z Sawyer Technical Consultants

2130 Hutchison Grove Court

Falls Church, VA 22043

United States

+1 (703) 848-2130 tzsawyer@tzsawyer.com Technical Representative

Scott W Woodworth , Esq .

Edinger Associates PLLC

Scott W. Woodworth

1725 I Street, NW

Suite 300

Washington, DC 20006

United States

+1 (202) 747-1694 swoodworth@edingerlaw.net Legal Representative

Alien Ownership

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Question Response
1) Is the applicant a foreign government or the representative of any foreign government as specified in Section 310(a) of the Communications Act? No
2) Is the applicant an alien or the representative of an alien? (Section 310(b)(1)) No
3) Is the applicant a corporation, or non-corporate entity, that is organized under the laws of any foreign government? (Section 310(b)(2)) No
4) Is the applicant an entity of which more than one-fifth of the capital stock, or other equity or voting interest, is owned of record or voted by aliens or their representatives or by a foreign government or representative thereof or by any entity organized under the laws of a foreign country? (Section 310(b)(3)) No
5) Is the applicant directly or indirectly controlled by any other entity of which more than one-fourth of the capital stock, or other equity or voting interest, is owned of record or voted by aliens, their representatives, or by a foreign government or representative thereof, or by any entity organized under the laws of a foreign country? (Section 310(b)(4)) No
6) Has the applicant received a declaratory ruling(s) under Section 310(b)(4) of the Communications Act? No
6a) Enter the citation of the applicable declaratory ruling by DA/FCC number, FCC Record citation, release date, or any other identifying information.
7) Has there been any change in the applicant's foreign ownership since issuance of the declaratory ruling(s) cited in response to Question 6?
7a) Enter the File or Docket Number of the Petition for Declaratory Ruling that the applicant has filed for its foreign ownership in connection with this application pursuant to Section 310(b)(4) of the Communications Act. It is not necessary to file a request for a foreign ownership declaratory ruling if the applicant attaches a showing that the requested authorization(s) is exempt from the provisions of Section 310(b)(4).
8) Does the applicant certify that it is in compliance with the terms and conditions of the foreign ownership declaratory ruling(s) cited in response to Question 6?
9) In connection with this application, is the applicant filing a foreign ownership Petition for Declaratory Ruling pursuant to Section 310(b)(4) of the Communications Act? No

Basic Qualifying Questions

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Section Question Response
Revoked Application Has the Applicant or any party to this application had any FCC station Authorization revoked or had any application for an initial, modification or renewal of FCC station Authorization denied by the Commission? No
State or Federal Convictions Has the Applicant or any party to this application, or any party directly or indirectly controlling the Applicant, ever been convicted of a felony by any state or federal court? No

Channel and Facility Information

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Section Question Response
Facility ID 185273
State Tennessee
LPD Channel 18

Primary station proposed to be rebroadcast:

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Facility Id Call Sign City State

Antenna Location Data

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Section Question Response
Antenna Structure Registration Do you have an FCC Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) Number? Yes
ASR Number 1043104
Coordinates (NAD83) Latitude 35° 49' 05.4" N+
Longitude 088° 09' 26.6" W-
Structure Type LTOWER-Lattice Tower
Overall Structure Height 79.2 meters
Support Structure Height 74.7 meters
Ground Elevation (AMSL) 188.9 meters
Antenna Data Height of Radiation Center Above Ground Level 62.5 meters
Height of Radiation Center Above Mean Sea Level 251.4 meters
Effective Radiated Power 2.0 kW

Antenna Technical Data

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Section Question Response
Antenna Type Antenna Type Directional Custom
Do you have an Antenna ID? No
Antenna ID 1009168
Antenna Manufacturer and Model Manufacturer: SCA
Model SCA-1469B
Rotation 0.0 degrees
Electrical Beam Tilt Not Applicable
Mechanical Beam Tilt Not Applicable
toward azimuth
Polarization Horizontal
Elevation Radiation Pattern Does the proposed antenna propose elevation radiation patterns that vary with azimuth for reasons other than the use of mechanical beam tilt? No
Uploaded file for elevation antenna (or radiation) pattern data
Out-of-Channel Emission Mask: Full Service

Directional Antenna Relative Field Values (Pre-rotated Pattern)


Additional Azimuths

Degree VA

Parties to the Application (0)

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Information not provided.

Attributable Interest

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Section Question Response
Equity and Financial Interests Applicant certifies that equity and financial interests not set forth by the applicant parties are non-attributable. N/A
Other Authorizations Does the applicant or any party to the application have an attributable interest in any other broadcast station(s). N/A

Construction Permit Certifications

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Section Question Response
Post-Incentive Auction Expedited Processing It will operate on the DTV channel for this station as established in the post-incentive auction channel reassignment public notice.
It will operate post-incentive auction facilities that do not expand the noise-limited service contour in any direction beyond that established by the post-incentive auction channel reassignment public notice.
It will operate post-incentive auction facilities that match or reduce by no more than five percent with respect to predicted population from those defined in the post-incentive auction channel reassignment public notice.
The antenna structure to be used by this facility has been registered by the Commission and will not require re-registration to support the proposed antenna, OR the FAA has previously determined that the proposed structure will not adversely affect safety in air navigation and this structure qualifies for later registration under the Commission's phased registration plan, OR the proposed installation on this structure does not require notification to the FAA pursuant to 47 C.F.R. Section 17.7.
Environmental Effect Would a Commission grant of Authorization for this location be an action which may have a significant environmental effect? (See 47 C.F.R. Section 1.1306) No
Broadcast Facility The proposed facility complies with all of the following applicable rule sections. 47 C.F.R. Sections 74.709, 74.793(e), 74.793(f), 74.793(g), 74.793(h) Yes

Legal Certifications

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Section Question Response
Character Issues Applicant certifies that neither applicant nor any party to the application has or had any interest in, or connection with: (a) any broadcast application in any proceeding where character issues were left in unresolved or were resolved adversely against the applicant or party to the application; or (b) any pending broadcast application in which character issues have been raised. Yes
Adverse Findings Has the Applicant or any party to this application had an adverse finding or an adverse final action taken by any court or administrative body in a civil or criminal proceeding brought under any law related to the following: any felony; mass media-related antitrust or unfair competition; fraudulent statements to another governmental unit; or discrimination? No
Program Service Certification Applicant certifies that it is cognizant of and will comply with its obligations as a Commission licensee to present a program service responsive to the issues of public concern facing the station's community of license and service area. Yes
Local Public Notice Applicant certifies that it has or will comply with the public notice requirements of 47 C.F.R. Section 73.3580. Yes
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) If the applicant proposes to employ five or more full-time employees, applicant certifies that it is filing simultaneously with this application a Model EEO Program Report. N/A
Auction Authorization If the application is being submitted to obtain a construction permit for which the applicant was the winning bidder in an auction, then the applicant certifies, pursuant to 47 C.F.R. Section 73.5005(a), that it has attached an exhibit containing the information required by 47 C.F.R. Sections 1.2107(d), 1.2110(i), 1.2112(a) and 1.2112(b), if applicable. N/A
Rebroadcast Certification (For Applicants proposing rebroadcasts that are not the licensee of the primary station) Applicant certifies that written authority has been obtained from the licensee of the station whose programs are to be retransmitted. N/A


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Section Question Response
General Certification Statements The Applicant waives any claim to the use of any particular frequency or of the electromagnetic spectrum as against the regulatory power of the United States because of the previous use of the same, whether by authorization or otherwise, and requests an Authorization in accordance with this application (See Section 304 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended.).
The Applicant certifies that neither the Applicant nor any other party to the application is subject to a denial of Federal benefits pursuant to §5301 of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, 21 U.S.C. §862, because of a conviction for possession or distribution of a controlled substance. This certification does not apply to applications filed in services exempted under §1.2002(c) of the rules, 47 CFR . See §1.2002(b) of the rules, 47 CFR §1.2002(b), for the definition of "party to the application" as used in this certification §1.2002(c). The Applicant certifies that all statements made in this application and in the exhibits, attachments, or documents incorporated by reference are material, are part of this application, and are true, complete, correct, and made in good faith.
Authorized Party to Sign


Upon grant of this application, the Authorization Holder may be subject to certain construction or coverage requirements. Failure to meet the construction or coverage requirements will result in automatic cancellation of the Authorization. Consult appropriate FCC regulations to determine the construction or coverage requirements that apply to the type of Authorization requested in this application.


I certify that this application includes all required and relevant attachments. Yes
I declare, under penalty of perjury, that I am an authorized representative of the above-named applicant for the Authorization(s) specified above.

Louis Wall




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File Name Uploaded By Attachment Type Description
20220110 FIG 1 W18EW LIC MOD APP SERVICE CONTOURS.pdf Applicant Technical Certifications FIG 1 Predicted Service Contour overlap, minor change compliance map
20220110 FIG 2 W18EW LIC MOD APP DIRECTIONAL ANTENNA HORIZONTAL PATTERN.pdf Applicant Antenna Technical Data FIG 2 Directional Antenna Tabulation and Graphical Plot of Pattern
20220110 FIG 3 W18EW LPTV FIG 3 TVSTUDY SUMMARY REPORT.pdf Applicant Technical Certifications FIG 3 Interference Study, FCC TVStudy Summary Report, Cell Spacing 1.0 km, Profile Interval 1.0 km.
20220110 W18EW ENG NARRATIVE AND ALL ENG EXHIBITS-FIGURES.pdf Applicant Technical Certifications W18EW - Engineering Narrative Statement with Exhibits - minor change application
20220110 W18EW LPTV ENVIRONMENTAL EVAULATION STATEMENT.pdf Applicant Technical Certifications W18EW, Environmental Evaluation Statement